Reflecting upon Lent

The arrival of Holy Week has come more quickly than I expected. As I reflect back upon this season of Lent, I’m grateful for what God has been teaching me. I focused this year on the theme of cleansing, and above all, I’ve realized that cleansing requires daily attention. I can get a lot of things done, but somehow taking care of the physical appearance of my home falls lower on the priority list . . . probably because I can think of so many better things to do. As I’ve made an effort to keep the physical space around me clean, I am reminded that it requires my constant attention. With a husband and a 3-year-old, I could literally clean all day. And if I let it slide one day, the task of cleaning up seems that much more overwhelming. And the more it piles up, the more I tend to avoid it.

The same idea holds true with sin issues in my life. To both my delight and my sorrow, God continues to uncover more parts of my heart that need to be cleaned. Parts I’ve ignored for a long time. And when I would begin to think about doing a little cleansing, I would be overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. But little by little, day by day, I’m encouraged to do a bit of cleaning.

What have you learned through Lent this year?

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  1. That’s a hard idea, the constant attention. Constant attention means we can’t check it off our to-do list. It means no instant gratification. It works and works and works with glimpses of joy in bits and pieces.

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