Sunday Morning Leftovers


Easter Sunday morning included great music and some powerful testimonies. But the most beautiful part of the day occurred that afternoon. What started out as inviting a couple friends who had no Easter plans to join our family for Easter lunch, turned into a full-blown “party” of 15 guests. We continued to add people as the week progressed, and even one more that Sunday morning.

After eating, we all sat around our living room and chatted – about our lives, our families, our Easter traditions growing up . . . and in a solitary moment amidst the chatter, I felt at peace. I hadn’t even met everyone in our living room before that moment. Some I had only met in brief conversation. And some of course were family (or like family).

Yet, it felt like community.

My husband and I felt honored to host this group in our home for the small sacrifice of a meal. To know, even, that friends felt comfortable inviting others and that complete strangers would want to come spend their Easter afternoon with us. What a privilege to experience a glimpse of the Body!

On a day where we talk about sacrifice and redemption, we got to experience it first hand. The Body in a redeemed state. Current struggles and hurts suspended in time for a few hours. Just the joy of fellowship and encouragement.

A lovely Easter afternoon. And I’m left thinking about how to facilitate that kind of community more often.

How about you? What’s still lingering for you?



  1. Sars

    Lots of (delicious) brisket is still lingering for me. Oh, that’s not what you meant, is it?

    I am left with a picture of Christ’s sufficiency and of his obedience. It sustains me even on days when I’m not sure I’ll make it.

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