Things to Remember when You Mulch

Nine tips (because ten is so overrated!) to help your day of mulching run more smoothly.

Admittedly, these are not all learned by experience (mulching gives you time to write blog posts in your head), but I will certainly not confess to the ones which were . . .

1. Make sure you have a real, grown-up person wheelbarrow. Not only will your kid’s wagon kill your back, but sharing with a 3 year old isn’t always easy.

2. Mulching on a windy day isn’t advisable. You especially don’t want to be standing downwind when you’re tossing a handful of mulch into “that empty spot over there.” And if you do it more than once . . . well, you probably deserved that mulch in your eye.

3. Enlist the help of your second grade neighbor to entertain your boy-crazy-3-year-old daughter. (Seriously? Flirting begins this early?)

4. When you can’t find #3, just stick her in a backpack while you work. No worrying about where she is, no sirree! Give her a bag of goldfish to munch on and you’re golden.

5. Planning to attend two parties and help a friend move on the same day that you mulch all of the flower beds in the front and back yards doesn’t really facilitate a blissful marriage. (And husbands, when your wife suggests perhaps you’re trying to do too much in one day, save yourself the guessing and just agree.)

6. If the mulch begins to move, you’ve probably buried some animal . . . like a toad. When said animal finally jumps out, it is understandable if you still shriek and run away even though you should’ve expected it. But you do look pretty stupid when you do that the second time, not 5 minutes later.

7. Large sticks in the mulch + Labrador RETRIEVER = non-productive mulching (unless you are mulching the entire back yard.)

8. It would be advisable to warn your spouse before you turn on the sprinkler in the flower bed in which she is standing . . . I mean, if you care about marital harmony.

9. Think carefully about the timing of the “Margaritas and Mulch” party you want to throw. The night AFTER you mulch all day would be preferable to the night BEFORE you want to get up early to mulch all day.



  1. Jennifer Bass

    LOL! I appreciate your insightfulness and sharing of your mulch experience. Will DEFinitely keep that in mind.


  2. Number 8 made me laugh hard!
    I have two large piles of mulch currently killing our grass and waiting for me to spread in other places.

  3. Ack! My comment didn’t save. Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a whole lot worse.
    8 made me laugh hard!
    and I don’t remember the other thing I said. something about the 2 large piles of mulch currently killing my grass and waiting for me to spread them around where they belong (i.e. not on my grass)

  4. Grain shovels/scoops work awesome for mulch or compost or sand or anything that’s relatively loose and in a pile (not so great for digging stuff out of the ground though). The proper tools make a biiiiig difference. A couple of weeks ago we dug out about four inches from the padre’s front yard, installed a sprinkler system, and put down compost then all new grass. And mulched and composted the newly made flower beds. is post digging, pre compost and pre grass. Don’t have a picture since the grass. Probably should take one. 🙂

  5. renae68

    Thank you for spending the time to research this extensively and write about it, so the rest of us can benefit. You are very generous and servant-like.


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