All Parts, One Body

When conflict arises in a group, people process and become ready to move forward at difference paces. And we all need to recognize that we’re in different places, and that’s okay. Satan can easily use something as simple as that to increase tension in relationships, as we either become impatient with people for not moving fast enough or frustrated with people who seem to not care.

But at an even deeper level, I’ve realized through this that as a Body, we need people to be in different places. Those who process faster or who are more removed from the conflict (such that they don’t feel as affected) help us remember that we need to move forward. That life will go on beyond just this particular situation. And those who are challenging and asking many questions out of their deep hurt, help us to seek change and be passionate about growth. We’d probably never move forward if we were all sitting in our pain and trying to get answers about the past, and we’d miss opportunities to grow or move too quickly if we just pushed on to get back to “normal.”



  1. marie

    I had not ever connected conflict, specifically the pace at which people process conflict, to that principle of the Body…very insightful! And encouraging!!

  2. Down Widdit

    Thank you for your continuing perspective and encouragement about living in the body. Our relationships, the ones God has put us in right here and now, make up our body. Those individuals and situations that are hardest for us to accept, make sense of, even tolerate make up the environment in which we live out and live in community. It is so easy to leave our community when it is not the way we want it to be. Living in community is all about loving until or as it becomes what it should be. Right? I hope so. Thanks for your blog.
    One Sister to Another

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