Laity Lodge Family Camp

llfc-logoToday is the last day to enter into the Family Fun Time Giveaway, sponsored by Laity Lodge Family Camp.

  • Simply post your Family Fun Time tips (how to balance work and family and/or finding time for family fun during your busy week) on your blog or in a Facebook note by April 24, 2009.
  • Link to Laity Lodge Family Camp:
  • Contact Marcus (via the form at under About > Contact) to let us know. Be sure to include the URL of your post.

You’ll be entered into a contest for a FREE family retreat at Laity Lodge Family Camp.

Here are a few of my tips for finding time for family fun during the week!

Do chores together. This probably works because my 3-year-old daughter doesn’t know yet to complain about doing chores. We all don our gloves and pull weeds or all grab a dishrag and clean off counters. Those must-do items become more fun because we’re laughing and doing them together – plus it takes a lot less time! Be creative and turn chores into games or competitions.

OR – let the chores slide for the night, in lieu of something fun. For some this is harder than others. But the chores will be there tomorrow; your kids won’t be young forever.

Exercise together. Walk the dog. Play frisbee. Ride bikes. You can get in your daily exercise together as a family, and then it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Try to schedule margin into your week. I’m the type to fill in any blank space on my calendar, so this is sometimes hard. But life is busy, and if you don’t schedule in the margin, it will never just “happen.”

Let your hair down. Go on, just do it. I think more than anything just our mood and our attitudes determine whether or not something feels fun. Giggle more. Make silly faces. Hug a lot. Smile. Compliment individuals in your family. Eat ice cream for dinner. Creating a fun, positive atmosphere at home fosters spontaneous eruptions of fun and laughter, so you don’t even have to worry about how to “fit it all in.”

Okay, share your ideas in the comments or write your own post!


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