Snapshot Saturday

Haven’t done one of these in a while, and since I have a new camera and lens to play around with, here are a couple pictures from my daughter’s art show at preschool. I’ve known she is creative and artistic, but can I tell you how incredibly proud I am of her work? I can’t wait to see the whole portfolio!

My daughter and her art – 1) Left, going down: stages of a butterfly (eggs on leaves, caterpillar, chrysallis, butterfly), 2) Snowman (made of glue/shaving cream mixture – really cool texture!), 3) Bottom, center: based upon Starry Night by Van Gogh, 4) Girl (see next photo), 5) Far right, top: based upon Mondrian painting, 6) on the floor that you can’t see: family portrait.

I’m particularly proud of this one. She did the entire drawing by herself with no help or prompting from the art teacher. And she’s only 3.5 years old!

That’s all for today! Have a fantastic Saturday!



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