Sunday Morning Leftovers

Sunday morning service was great, but what’s stuck with me this week is the performance we heard Sunday afternoon. My husband and I were given tickets to the last performance in the symphonic series of the season at our local symphony. On the way there, we discussed how we were glad to be going, but would probably be just as happy taking a nap, too.

But of course, all of that changed once we arrived. I forgot how much I love the symphony. I’ve been thinking for the past two days about how I could derive some spiritual connection between the orchestra and life, and then I realized that the beauty of the music itself is a spiritual connection on its own. I didn’t need to fabricate some meaning. I could just appreciate our amazing symphony for performing with excellence. I mean, at times I felt like the music was colorful . . . tangible . . . worshipful. It made me think that when God spoke the world into being, perhaps it wasn’t just with words but with music. Because that’s what I witnessed Sunday afternoon in the concert hall downtown. With each pull of a bow or blow of a horn, something was being drawn from nothing. Being came from empty space. Creation occurred before our eyes (and ears).

We were honored to hear a guest performance by Augustin Hadelich, an amazing 25-year-old violinist. I’ll leave you today with a video of him from a competition a couple years ago.


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