Still Here . . .

One of the most difficult parts of returning after a brief blogging hiatus is writing that first post. Getting back into the swing of things. Distilling down all the things I’ve been thinking about blogging and deciding what to talk about first.

So here’s a little post just to break the ice. Just an update to say

I’m still here.

Life isn’t necessarily overwhelming, but it is full. And good.

Summer arrived in full Texas force.

Wedding season is upon us, and I love it. I’m also designing albums now, so that’s a lot of fun. Because

I figured out the types of things I love to do.

And the things I don’t love to do.

Which lets me focus more on the love-to-do. And say no to the don’t-love-to-do.

And that is very freeing. (Plus much more enjoyable!)

So happy beginning of summer to you. I should be around a little more!



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