So it finally dawned on me the other day (aside from the busy-ness of summer) why I’ve been struggling to write on my blog.

Silence in my walk = Silence on my blog.

I often write to process my thoughts or make record of my journey, and lately I don’t have much to process . . . because I’m not putting myself in a position to have much to think about. Of course, I can give a million excuses, but that’s all they are. Excuses. And no excuse will ever justify being disconnected to the Giver and Sustainer of life.

So I’m working on diving back into the deep end. Back to reading some books and trying to be intentional about quiet times and study times. I’m not saying times of silence aren’t good for everyone once in a while (I mean, really, how much do you need to hear ME talking??) At the same time, I’ve found that my blog is a good indicator for myself of where I am spiritually.

And I guess I’ve just made myself accountable to you, too. Another beautiful thing about living in community!

So how are you?



  1. Brittney

    That is the funny thing about this life. You find a million excuses as to why your walk with God is stagnant. But after awhile every excuse points back to us. If we aren’t putting in the time and being intentional with pursual of Christ, our walks and spiritual lives will continue to be complacent. Not such an easy pill to swallow though. I can easily advise friends about their walks and pursuits of Christ, but when turning to look at myself…not so easy! Good thoughts!

  2. Just checking in and as always, I am touched. I get it……….completely. Then I scrolled down and read the story about T and E, our sweet friends too, and was reminded how grateful I am that He pursues us, PERIOD. Happy Summer!

  3. I’m the same way. Whenever I’m distant from God, my blog becomes more scripted. I do lots of blog carnivals or pop in a youtube video or whatever. It’s not mine, but rather a regurgitation of other people’s ideas and “close walk” testimonies.

  4. spaghettipie

    Thanks for all of the validation and encouragement. Yet another reason why I love participating in the blogosphere.

    I’m so glad God continues to pursue me. Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble!

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