Summer Fun

Just a glimpse into our summer!

Yup. We pretty much just go to the pool. I mean, how else do you spend your time when it’s 103 degrees outside?

So what are you up to this summer?



  1. I love it!!

    We’re right there with you. (Though this week has been cold, so no pool trips.)

    When it’s hot, though? Every day. What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon?


  2. Great pictures!!

    We don’t get temps like that. We did hit the beach this week, but typically we hang at home: ride bikes, play in the backyard, walk to the playground, tea parties. Summer for us is experienced through food. We have LOTS of watermelon and LOTS of seafood. 🙂

  3. Great photos!

    We’ve been poolside some, but it’s been unseasonably cool here. Rainy, too.

    Seems that summer has just begun for us, here in northwest Iowa, and it’s already into July.

  4. spaghettipie

    LM – Cold and summer just don’t go together in Texas.

    K – Yes, he can! In fact, I usually get rejected for tossing her because I don’t do it high enough . . .

    T – That sounds fantastic! Some days I wish that our summers weren’t quite so hot. Being outdoors other than at the pool is pretty miserable.

    LJ – We’ve missed you guys! Hopefully we’ll see you soon.

    J – Thanks! Yea, I just can’t really imagine summer beginning in July. But then again, our winter doesn’t begin until January (if it does at all!)

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