sunday-morning-leftoversOur friend Mark spoke this Sunday morning on the exclusivity of Christ, and here’s what I really appreciated:

We all live in a world of exclusivity. In fact, we’re exclusive every day with every choice that we make. If we choose to have Chick-Fil-A for lunch, we are not choosing any other restaurant for lunch. We have finite resources, time, and energy, so every choice we make – whether intentional or not – excludes the possibility of other choices. So it’s not exclusivity in and of itself that people really have a problem with.

It’s the consequence of our exclusivity. When we choose Jesus over other paths to heaven, we imply very serious consequences. Life in eternity with God or life in eternity without God.

This particular point doesn’t make dealing with the consequences any easier, but I appreciate any clarification on the issue that helps me hone in on the bottom line.

So what are your leftovers? Or what do you think about the exclusivity of Christ?


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