Recent Quotes of the Day

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend from Facebook, then you’ve seen these updates. But if not, here are some of my favorite recent quotes from my daughter.

Me: Did you have a fun time today?
Daughter: No, not really. My friend pulled my hair, sat on top of me, pushed me down, squeezed my arm, hit me in the head, didn’t want to share, was angry, and had lots of drama, Mom.
Me: And what about you? Were you nice back? Did you have drama, too?
Daughter: Well, I had a little drama . . .


Friend: I’m cold. Do you know where I can find a cardigan?
Daughter: No, but we have a station wagon you can have!


(to me): How ’bout we play smack the eye? If you laugh, I’ll smack you on the eye. (whaaaat???)


Daughter’s sweet friend shared his cheese stick with her. Daughter: Oh, thank you! You are a lovely boy! (where does she get this stuff??)


(to her stuffed bunny): Don’t throw a fit or I’ll lock you in a box (I swear I have never said that!)


Dinner conversation: Mom, my brain just freaked out in my head. It popped right out, and I had to smack it back in. (Okay, seriously. I don’t know where all this smack talk really comes from . . .)


Watching my daughter play in mud puddles, denying her request to take off her rain boots: If I were a duck, I could splash in my bare feet!


Overheard while playing w/her dollhouse: The cat’s allergic to babies, so we have to take the baby to the animal shelter!


After a warm good morning from my dad, she turned to me and said: Grampa just tickled my heart! (aaaaaawwwwww!)


Friend (re: my in-law’s dog): Abby’s a little puff ball isn’t she?
Daughter: Yea she is, but she’s really a poodle.


Husband: Why are you so grumpy?
Daughter: I’m not grumpy now. Just look at my face. I’m happy.


While handing me some jelly beans: Mama, these are strong but they won’t make you frozen.


(re: dinner): Mama, this is yummy dinner. My tummy will be so glad it’s coming!


Passing Babies R Us: Mom, that’s the baby store! How do they get the crates and the babysitters down from the top shelves?



  1. Mom

    What a way to start my day – I was laughing so hard I was crying. Won’t be long before you can write a book! Miss you all. Love, Mom

    By the way, the pellet stove is going. I have on pants, heavy socks, acorns, long-sleeved tee, fleece top and flannel shirt. Ahhhhh!

  2. BJ

    OK… you have a creative child. Man — I’ll never be able to blog about my kids… they’ll sound LAME.

  3. Priceless!! These remind me of so many things my kids have said. Ellie’s brain “freaks out” on her lately. She has to smack it back in place, too. 😉

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