Sunday Morning Leftovers


My friend Lee spoke this past Sunday on the goodness and sufficiency of God, and I took away so much – I don’t know where to begin! I may have to serve up more than helping of these Sunday Morning Leftovers. Our focal passage was Genesis 3:1-9. (In fact, the sermon reminded me of my friend Ann‘s amazing post, Return to Eden.)

Lee talked about how the struggle Adam and Eve faced is the same one we struggle with today: Is God good, sufficient, and trust-worthy. The serpent didn’t challenge God’s holiness or his existence. He sneered at God’s command, questioning more than the actual letter of the law – eating or not eating of the tree – but whether or not God is good and sufficient. He implied that God was withholding from them, limiting them, not allowing them to reach the full amount of happiness and contentedness they could receive.

Lee pointed out how it doesn’t appear God gave a lengthy explanation of the consequences for eating of the Tree. He told them they would “surely die.” He didn’t say what specifically would happen and how it would occur. He didn’t say how all of humanity would be affected from that point forward. If he had, they would have considered a cost-benefit analysis. Their decision to eat – or not eat – would be based upon their own judgments. So he didn’t give them that.

He gave them was an opportunity to simply trust him because he is God. An opportunity to believe that he is sufficient for all of their needs. To depend on him and his goodness, rather than themselves.

Over the last week, God has been speaking to me a lot about priorities. My priorities. And the sermon this Sunday left me asking myself – Do I trust him because he is God, do I believe that he is good, and do I allow him to be sufficient for all my needs?

How abou you? What are you chewing on this week?



  1. This week, I had to write down a quote I heard from Alistair Begg:
    (Speaking on the headship of Christ)
    “…we’ve accommodated ourselves to the position that the application of Scripture depends upon what we happen to approve.”

    Hey. Happy birthday.

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