Blue Like Play Dough Blog Tour

Blue Like Play Dough Cover

When given the opportunity from WaterBrook Multnomah to blog about this book, how could I pass it up? I mean, I loved Blue Like Jazz, so the title immediately caught my attention. I’m a mom, so feeling squished like play dough is a familiar sentiment. And lastly, I really like Tricia Goyer (I follow her on Twitter and have read some of her stuff – not that I know her . . . although she does hail from Montana, and one of my best friends is from Billings!

Anyway, I had high expectations of this book. I didn’t want it to be like a typical parenting book, telling me the dos and don’ts, the shoulds and oughts, making me feel more mom guilt than I normally heap upon myself.

And it wasn’t. On more levels than I expected.

First, as a mom the book was more than encouraging. Tricia is real, but hopeful. I underlined constantly throughout the book. Things like . . .

“If I took two minutes to think about it . . . I’d realize the perfection I long for will never be found in the place I live and parent and strive. It’s found in who I turn to.”

(In reference to her wedding vows being more than just loving, honoring, and cherishing her husband as a husband): “As a mother, I learned I needed to love, honor, and cherish John (her husband) as a father. To realize that he is the other half of the parenting equation and not just a convenient baby-sitter who is around to give me a break onece in a while.”

“. . .  while knowing God’s Word is necessary, the power of the Word of God comes out when the words are applied. Life lessons come about when God’s Word is lived out.”

Secondly – and this was the surprise encouragement –  as a writer, I greatly appreciated Tricia’s style. The book read like a conversation over a cup of coffee, with stories woven into reflection, sprinkled with wisdom. I have a book in my head, and a desire to write in this way . . . but until Tricia’s book, I hadn’t read something with quite the style I wanted to be able to write with. Stories that were more than just examples to back up a point, all while knowing I would have to intersperse some reflection to guide what I am trying to communicate. Awesome! I can’t wait to read it again with more of a writing focus.

From a blog tour business standpoint, I also loved what Tricia and Amy did through Facebook, and some of the other creative ways they are promoting this book.

Anyway, check out the book, check out Tricia online (Twitter, Website, Facebook). And if you’re already read it or want to talk about any of those quotes – I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



  1. I have seen this book heavily advertised on FB etc, but had no idea what it was about. You have really piqued my interest. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

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