Sunday Morning Leftovers


Sunday morning I arrived at church feeling a little discouraged about the whole “living in community” thing. We sat down in our usual spot, right next to a woman I had just met the previous Sunday. As we sang together in worship, I noticed my new acquaintance growing emotional. The Spirit nudged my memory, and I fished out of my pocket an unused kleenex that I had stashed for some forgotten reason when I taught Sunday school during the first service. She gratefully accepted my small offering, but the tears continued to come. I placed my hand on her shoulder to comfort her and asked if I could get something else for her – more kleenex, water . . . – she declined, trying to steady her emotions. I left my hand on her shoulder, wondering if I was to do more.

A moment later, her efforts proved futile and her emotions overcame her. In that instance, another friend of mine was by her side (from the aisle over), offering to go with her into the prayer room. Yet two more friends joined them while they were there.

As the teaching began, I thanked God for such a tangible reminder of community. None of us knew her very well (or at all), but each of us had been strategically placed that morning to play a part in being community. What a privilege! In the midst of ministering to someone else, my heart was greatly ministered to as well. Isn’t that the amazing thing about living in community? In fact, I guess it’s something that always amazes me about God. Through the same situation, same circumstances, same event . . . he can teach each person something different, but equally profound.

How about you? What’s sticking with you this week?



  1. marie

    Isn’t it hard to know exactly what to do/not do in those circumstances?! I still have that moment of butterflies and hesitation when a “need” first strikes my awareness…and then I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s leading so that I don’t have to figure out all on my own…just be available and listening to Him. Which is exactly what you and your friends did! Very cool!

  2. I honestly believe that sometimes all we’re supposed to do is be available when God puts someone in our path like that. We often make it more complicated than it needs to be.

    I thank God that you are willing to be willing. I’m sure she felt the love of God through you and all the others that came alongside her.


  3. spaghettipie

    Thanks for all your comments, friends. I certainly did not mean to be pointing to myself as doing a noble act. Rather, I posted to be thankful that in a moment I was struggling with feeling discouraged about community, that God put me into a situation to experience it.

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