Sunday Morning Leftovers


Well, I don’t have anything to share today about yesterday’s sermon. We arrived a little late (try 45 minutes), so we decided to just hang out in the foyer. I’d say that we were secretly hoping that people would just see our faces and assume we went to a different service, but to be honest, we didn’t really mind.

But the small piece I’m taking away is the reminder that church means more to me than showing up on Sunday morning to sing some songs and hear a sermon. Church is my community, and – from time to time – I am just as completely satisfied in attending for the sole purpose of  hugging a few necks and visiting with friends (who feel like family).

How about you? What are you carrying with you from Sunday?



  1. I realized that I’m respecting the elders and pastor of our church. When I show up ready to sing, clap, listen and engage, I’m actively loving God by allowing the Church to lead and by being submissive to the leadership.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that it has been so fun seeing “spaghettipie” back out in the blogosphere. Thanks for your sweet comments! And I look forward to this posting every Monday.

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