My little three-year-old is turning FOUR today (Tuesday, that is) – I can hardly believe it. I’d love to write a whole, long sentimental post about her but that would probably not be of any interest to anyone but me. Instead, I’ll share a handful of funny scenes or statements from the last couple weeks. I mean, that probably most reflects her happy, funny personality anyway . . .
Daughter: Mom, I’ve changed my mind.
Me: About what, honey?
Daughter: It’s okay if Bubble (that’s the new baby’s nickname) is a boy.
Me: Oh? What made you change your mind?
Daughter: Because then at Halloween, I can dress up to be Eva. And Bubble can be Wall-E.

At her four-year check-up on the indoor playground, within five minutes she had all the kids organized and playing “Animal Rescue Center” together. Kids randomly started bringing their parents wounded animals they had found, they were manning the “phone,” and calling out across the waiting room for animals who needed to be rescued.

At same doctor’s visit, two boys were playing near the entrance to the play area and unintentionally blocking a timid little girl who wanted to enter. Her mom finally helped her gain the confidence to come in. Afterward, with hands on her hips, she scolded the boys, “Now boys, you are not being very kind to this little girl. You need to let her in!” And every time the little girl appeared in the door after that, she waved her in, encouraging her to join them. (so proud!)

Her two favorite songs right now are Brass Monkey and Too Legit to Quit (I know, I know.) As she sings along with Too Legit, she tends to randomly bust out with, “Rock it out, boys!”

When asked by her grandfather why she had a band-aid on her elbow, she replied, “My daddy took me out into the front yard and scraped me on the street.”

At a (grown up) friend’s house, talking to the homeowner –
Daughter: May I pick some leaves off this tree?
Friend: Sure, you can pick five of them.
Daughter picks five leaves. Looks at the friend, and then says: Okay, you can go back and talk with the others now.

Daughter: Mama, it’s okay with me if Bubble is a boy.
Me: Oh, well that’s nice.
Daughter: As long as he doesn’t smell like a skunk.
Happy Birthday, precious girl!



  1. Too cute! You can tell her boys don’t smell like skunks, but sometimes they smell like wet tennis shoes. Usually when they come out of the shower and haven’t used any soap. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the stories, Tina!!

  2. spaghettipie

    LM – Thanks! The time goes by so quickly!
    A – You are sweet to comment, and I think it captures her, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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