Another View of Grace

I received this beautiful note in my inbox this morning from a dear friend who has traveled a long road to engagement. As I’ve been pondering grace this week with LL Barkat (too late for her giveaway, but you still want to read the amazing posts about Mary and Grace!), I thought Jen’s story was perfect. She’s given me permission to post it below.



My Mom for the longest time (really for as long as I can remember) has always been writing scriptures down that she feels the Lord has laid on her heart for me, good quotes from books that she thinks apply to my life, or even some times what she feels like the Lord is speaking to me (i.e. a specific word for me).  She use to write it down on scrap paper, sticky notes, etc but ever since the Mary Engelbreit daily calendars started coming out, she has saved the “torn off” days and used the back of them to write her notes.

Well, back on July 5th, 2002 (which was a tough, tough time for me…my twin sister had just gotten married in May of that year and I just felt generally directionless and lonely and was really struggling with depression), she wrote what she felt like was a specific word from the Lord for me concerning my husband and folded it up and placed it in a ring box she had gotten from a ring she had bought recently.

Here’s what it said:

July 5th, 2002


You are being kept as a precious jewel until that time I chose to bless my faithful man with his best, most joyous reward.  You will be a great delight to his worn spirit; you will be a refreshment to him that I have saved and planned from eternity past.

He will satisfy you more than you can comprehend.  Take deep comfort in this as I make preparations!”

Well, unbeknownst to my Mom, I kept that little ring box by my Bible and devotional books and sometimes on my nightstand (this little box made it through quite a few moves I might add) and for over seven years, any time my eyes rested on it, I would pray for my future husband (and in all honesty, cry out that He would bring him in to my life right then!).

I had decided years ago that when that man finally came along (in God’s perfect timing and when His preparations were complete) and when he proposed and pulled out a ring box with a ring for my finger, that I would give him my box with God’s Word for me and him in it and explain the history of it.  After Jesse had met with my parents and they gave their blessing to proceed, I just put the box in my purse as I had no clue when he would propose but wanted to have it with me.

So, after Jesse asked me to marry him and I said YES! 🙂 and he put the ring on my finger, I dug down in my purse and pulled out my ring box and gave it to him and explained it’s origin.  He opened the box, pulled out the note and began to read and tears began to fill his eyes (it was the Lord speaking directly to him as well).  When he finished reading it and as he pondered the words on it with tears in his eyes, he flipped the piece of paper over.  Well, it was a Mary Engelbreit daily calendar page (which I had looked at a thousand times over the previous 7 years that I pulled out that piece of paper and prayed for my husband)…and though I had never noticed the date as anything significant, he immediately did…the date on the calendar page was October 12…his birthday.  Tears were freely flowing from both of us at that point…how awesome and loving is our God…that over seven years ago in July of 2002, my Mom would randomly pull a piece of scrap paper out to write down a word from the Lord for me about my husband on it and that out of 365 days in the year, it would be my most wonderful gift’s birthday date!!!  He already had the answer to my heart’s cry!

How incredible is the Lord…His mercies are new every morning and though we think Him to be silent sometimes…He is not and He is certainly not inactive!


  1. Bernice Shupes

    Oh! Is that ever a precious love story! I have a very big smile on my face – very eager to share it with my beloved of 38 years! He, too, will have tears. Our God – so full of grace and love! He holds us together tightly! We did not marry until we were 30, and yet the Lord blessed us with 7 sons! How good our God is!!!!!!!

  2. Jody

    WOW…that is an amazing story to read. I’m through tear filled eyes I’m typing this note. Thanks you for sharing. I am constantly reminded how amazing God is. I love the verses that your mom left around for you. I’m going to start doing that for my girls…(and boys)…I can’t wait to see what God will do with our story. Truely a blessing you have experienced. Neat neat, neat….

  3. spaghettipie

    A – Glad to share! Jen’s testimony thru this entire journey has been such a testament to how big God is.
    BS – Thanks so much for stopping by. 38 years! Wow – congratulations!
    S & LW – Thanks for coming by and leaving a note.
    J – He is amazing, isn’t he? I’m inspired by Jen’s mom, too! I hope to be as faithful to encourage my children.

  4. Rebekah

    I am a newlywed, at age 36, to my greatest gift from God, age 40. We had both been waiting for God’s BEST, and He is the One who so clearly brought us together. I LOVE stories like this, of God’s sovereign plan being brought to fruition! I’m sure that He is rejoicing over us, as it says in Zeph. 3:17. How He loves to give us His best!!! The verse that Ken and I had at our wedding is from Ephesians 3, all about how God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine… Thank you for sharing this encouraging and faith building story of how awesome our God is!

  5. Mary

    Yes, little ones…it is just as excitingly a gift at
    77+ and 82+…we were introduced to each other
    when I was in the 8th grade and he was a Sr. who
    left early to go to war in 1943…our lives took what we would call normal turns, each marrying
    high school sweethearts and each losing those
    mates to the grim reaper because of foul worldly
    habits…yet through a HighSchool e-mail group
    that developed as we were able to have home
    computers (encompassing a 10 year span) we
    were in the group, live in opposite parts of the state, his mother-in-law lived in this very condo
    group, yet we never saw them when they visited her…and then one day, I noticed he wasn’t writing the group, but it was addressed just to me…I gasped…and here we are meeting over the
    electricity that connects us probably the same
    time of year…(Ididn’t have a mother with calendar notes) for I remember what I was wearing and he knows when he left…all those years…we know that only God could have done it…and yes! there were blinding tears the day we
    realised what had happened to us: that we had been chosen for each other…for through those years God had drawn each of us closer to Himself…and would you believe?…his name is my absolute favorite of all male names!!
    Important?? NO!! meaningful??YES!! He does so enjoy tending to the meaningful details, doesn’t He!!! I hear it in your story too!! A very contented Mary soon to be with her William!!

  6. Oh my goodness … I love that story! I had started to journal for my girls … they are 7 and 9 and we have another daughter on the way. What a motivation for me, as a mom, to continue to be vigilant in writing to my daughters. And what an awesome story of God’s amazing providence in our lives.

    Precious! Thank you for sharing!

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