Sunday Morning Leftovers


When someone invests in you, a deeply encouraging friendship begins. When someone pours into your child, a sweet and meaningful relationship transpires. When that someone is the same person in both instances, you are impacted in more ways that you can ever imagine.

Such is the case with the – now former – children’s director at our church.

I can hardly can’t begin to write this little tribute without tears forming in my eyes because my sweet friend has meant so much to me and my family in the past three years. I can still remember picking her brain while we packed away our “mobile” children’s rooms when we were still meeting at the Gladney Center for Adoption in the early days of our church. She was the first person in the nursery that my daughter accepted as being “safe” to stay with during church. She was also the first (and I believe only) person my daughter has ever vomited all over . . . right before she had to go speak to the audience at an all-church event. We’ve had dinners, weekly lunches, and many long talks about everything from television shows to singleness to poking fun at our Worship Director to more painful experiences of life. I am deeply blessed by her friendship and deeply moved by her love for my family.

So it’s with a bitter-sweetness that I add my best wishes to those of many others, as we send her off to her next experience. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for her next, and I’m more than confident that it’s time for her to move on . . . but you know, those changes and transitions in relationships are still sad. It’s hard to let go. Particularly of someone who means so much.

Katie, my friend. I know it’s not goodbye. I mean, we still have a Settlers challenge on the table. And if there’s a spontaneous Milli Vanilli dance party, I expect to be invited. But you’re my Sunday Morning Leftover for this week, since I’ll be thinking about you as you pack and begin the next phase of your life. Best wishes, and may God be glorified in all that you do.



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