Easter Craft

After my Valentine’s Day experience, I wanted to be more on the ball for my daughter’s Easter Egg Hunt at school. We were asked to bring 14 filled eggs, and I just couldn’t bring myself to fill them with candy or trinkets. We wandered around Hobby Lobby for far too long, feeling quite uninspired. I had just about resigned myself to chocolate (both for the eggs and myself), when I realized the answer was already in my basket!

A friend had called me the day before to tell me about a homemade memory game she had seen on Martha Stewart. Evidently the project involved using photos of your child as the matching pictures for the game. Since she knew I was a photographer, she thought I’d enjoy experimenting with putting the project together (and then she could learn from my experience.) Of course I loved the idea and had headed to Hobby Lobby, in part, to gather supplies to create the game for my daughter.

In my brief moment of inspiration, I grabbed some extra wooden tiles and set out to make a miniature set of memory games to fill my 14 eggs. The project didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would and was really simple. Below I’ve given you pictures and instructions if you want to make your own. I think I might start offering some of these (on larger tiles) to my family photography sessions because I love the way they turned out!

Instructions (at least this is how I did it):
1. Count out 10 tiles for each set you plan to make.
2. Place matching stickers (or you could use stamps or photos) on each of the 5 pairs of tiles. Paint the sticker side with a liberal coating of Mod Podge. Allow to dry.
3. Cut squares of paper (I used scrapbook paper) to fit the tiles. If you anticipate the game being played by some highly competitive, observant adult, you should probably use a uniformly patterned or solid color paper. Otherwise, I think fun paper – even if each tile becomes slightly unique and therefore identifiable – is fine. Glue the paper onto the tiles with Mod Podge. I found that giving a thin coating to five tiles at a time and then placing the paper on all at once worked the fastest without the glue drying before I put the paper on. Allow that to dry, and then give a final coating of Mod Podge to seal.
4. Once dry, fill into large Easter eggs or a fun bag. You can add some instructions on a slip of paper if you want.

Variations: I’m planning to do a larger set with photos of my daughter and our family (I’ll post pics when I do that). You could match the exact same picture, or if you used photos of your extended family, you could even match couples together or parents with children. You could get even more creative and match favorite toys with your child, or match activities with their supplies . . . agh! the ideas could be endless!



  1. ok, you know i’m not kid-crafty…but that is really cute…and easy. and i pretty much love anything with modgepodge. think we will have to try it!

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