Things Kids Say

I haven’t been around in a while. I’ll blame it on the newborn, but it’s actually because I really haven’t been doing much deep thinking I guess. Not much to process here in cyberspace. But I guess sleep deprivation can do that to you. So maybe it really is her fault.

Anyway, figured I would post some of my older daughter’s comments and sayings, just to keep the ole’ blog alive and kickin’. Hopefully I will be back soon.

D-Mama, I need a phone. M-You’re too young for a phone of your own. D-I could just borrow yours, and you could get a new phone!

D: Mom, I don’t like singing any more. I want to make money.

Two nights in a row my daughter has prayed for bubble wrap – thanking God for it and asking him to make more!

D: I really love art. It’s so arty.

Evidently freaked out childcare worker yesterday. Daughter told her, “Diego is in my uterus!” She didn’t know we’re expecting…

D-“When I grow up, Owen will be my husband and we’ll raise Tess (his litttle sister) as our own.” (Where does she learn this stuff?

The height of bedtime stalling – My daughter is playing Hide-and-Seek with her cup of water, in bed.U

D-Turn the music up, please. Me-No, it’s high enough. D-No, Mama. I can’t hear it well. My ears are NOT THAT TALENTED!

2night@church event – Me: What’s wrong honey? D: I want to play with the boys. (exasperated) I’m sooo TIRED of playing with Giiirls!! (AGH!)

Daughter asked me today, “Mama, what does ‘house arrest’ mean?” What in the world are they teaching on PBS kids??

D: I lost my balance at dance class. Me: How? D: It just all fell out! (for @kpinion)

D-While typing on a friend’s computer, declared the keyboard to be a “button village”

Weeding w/my daughter last night: Mama, I’m putting all these weeds in weed jail!

D’s pronouncement to the checkout clerk yesterday? Hi! I’m the Cheeto Queen! (she was excited about the cheetos we were getting)

D: From now on, Mama, I’m only eating chicken and fish . . . and anything tasty.

On the way home, daughter told me her dog was singing “Too legit to bark” instead of the real words. (yes, she knows the song!)

D: You should never comb a gopher you don’t know.

D: War is something your dad doesn’t let you watch because they’re getting the bad guys.

Photo: Just in case there was any doubt as to my daughter’s creativity. This is her “flower bonnet” that she designed entirely on her own. (2010)



  1. Your daughter sounds (and from the looks of the photo, is quite) adorable. I have to be that for my friends, and it’s nice to see kids ‘growing up’ in these little ways.

    Also. It is too damn cute.

  2. welcome back friend 🙂 and let me know when Maddy wants to get O and Tess. I’m pretty sure they live with the mother’s parents. I’ll let you pass on the herd of cattle, or goats or whatever a dowry is these days.

  3. LJ

    Glad to see you back. I love reading the things Miss M says. She is precious! Don’t worry about only sharing “deep thoughts”. During this season of life you may experience the deep things while doing the mundane. I’m happy you’re sharing again.

  4. I don’t know about you but I think that not combing a gopher that you don’t know is pretty good advice. Maddy is wise beyond her years.

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