Letting Go

We moms know that when it comes to our own potty schedule, the timing is often not up to us. As a result, many times we don’t get to go to the bathroom alone and often times we simply have to hold it.

Such was the case for me the other day.

And when I finally got my two seconds of reprieve, I was surprised. I had to mentally make myself stop, exhale, and let go. I had been holding on for so long that relaxing took a conscious effort.

And so it is with blogging.

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell – in part from lack of being in a consistent Bible study, in part from lack of sleep. But we’ve been moving past the sleepless newborn nights, and the last couple weeks I’ve been brainstorming posts, thinking upon more spiritual topics (or thinking at all, really), gearing up again to get back on the blogging horse. Yet when I sit down to write, nothing really comes out, and I soon find something else that needs my attention.

So this post is my stop, exhale, and let go post.

A short one.
Probably somewhat questionable in object lesson.
But a start.

And it feels good to be back.



  1. And I’m so glad you are back.

    You don’t have to write a lot of words here to speak volumes. That’s always the way I’ve felt about you. You manage to say quite a bit in just a few words (or cloud pictures). πŸ™‚

    Thank you for this exhale … for this return.

    Waving hello again …

    – Jennifer

  2. Katie

    I’m right there with you. On the blogging that is. Not in the bathroom. Although if I was in the bathroom with you, I’d hope you would notice.

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