The D Word

That’s right. It’s Friday, and we’re going to talk about discipline. Originally I was going to write this post on Monday, but – especially as someone who struggles with being disciplined – I realized that would be the easy day to write about it.

Sure, no one wants to talk about discipline on a Monday, but let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to be gung ho about discipline on a Monday when the week is fresh, you’ve just had a break over the weekend, and you have big plans involving productivity and stellar parenting.

By Friday, I’m tired, the dishes are piling up in the sink, and I’m just trying to make it through the day until my husband comes home and will be around to lend a hand over the weekend.

And it’s in this moment that I want to talk about discipline.

The truth is, I’m not a disciplined person. I’m productive. I’m efficient. I get things done, and I’m your go-to girl. But I’m not disciplined.

And you know why? Because I don’t like being told what to do. Evidently, even by my own self.

The past week I’ve felt convicted that I need to practice being disciplined. In fact, the conviction was so clear, that the Lord has even defined specific actions for me in four areas (and they all start with “d” so you know it’s heaven-sent!):

1. Daily Make our home a haven and a place of rest
Short term goal (thru Dec 1) – Create some routines in our schedule. Clean out the clutter.

2. DollarsBe a good steward of financial resources. Eliminate outstanding debt.
Short term goal (thru Dec 1) – Get personal variable spending under control

3. DevotionsDevelop a deep love, insatiable desire for His word.
Short term goal (thru Dec 1)  Establish my walk as a priority and begin to put into place some reinforcing habits.

4. DietReach goal weight. Live a healthier lifestyle.
Short term goal (thru Dec 1) – Create some healthy habits to lay groundwork. Lose 8 lbs.

So from now until Dec 1, I have outlined several specific actions under each of those headings and goals, and as a part of my accountability, I’m going to post about discipline every Friday. It might just be an update on how things are going, or it might be a lesson I’ve learned through being disciplined. I don’t know how long I’ll be called to be this structured and specifically disciplined, but I know it’ll be for a little while.

So here we go. I’d love to hear any lessons learned or thoughts about being disciplined in the comments.



  1. I have the same struggles. I get stuff done and can be ahead of the game in many, many areas. But those are only the areas I enjoy. Those are the things I *like* to do. When it comes to those other things, the necessary but less fun things, that’s when I tend to disappear and my true lack of discipline becomes painfully evident.

  2. Joy

    Bravo for pushing through on the harder days of discipline! I hear your struggle and I raise you a toast! As I read I realized that Chuck and I used 3 D’s in our discipline of our kids ~ they were spanked *yes that old fashioned form of discipline worked well for our four kids* for 3 D’s ~ Dishonesty, Disobey and Disrespect. They always knew which of the 3 their actions fell into before they were disciplined and afterwards which of the 3 they needed to applogize for. It was a simple way to keep discipline issues clear for younger kids at our house! (BTW-The whole framework of discipline was a process and we never spanked out of anger!) Love your insights Tina!

  3. Our eight kids are grown and most of them have families of their own, now, but I still remember the morning I realized I’d never be able to train them to be disciplined if I wasn’t more disciplined, myself. Talk about an incentive! Operating on the principle of “one thing at a time” I began to be consistent and disciplined in little things. It worked! And my kids watched it happen, saw the good fruit of it, and worked to develop self-discipline in their own lives.

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