High Calling Focus – December Photo Play

So, I’m about a week late in posting this, but I did the latest Photo Play Assignment, and I did want to share!

I spied these workers as I was pumping gas one afternoon. I had known the type of shot I wanted, but hadn’t been able to find the right subject matter.

When I saw these guys, I knew this would work. What fascinated me is that there they stand, doing their jobs on a busy street corner (this is on the access road to a major highway), and yet the world around them zips by, almost oblivious to their existence. Unless of course they were blocking the road in any way, and then passersby would just be angry. No one appeared to give much thought to the dangerous conditions in which these men worked. Every day.

The past few months of my life have felt like that. Rushing about, doing my thing, paying very little attention to what was going on around me.

The smaller details of people doing their every day lives . . . alongside me.

The bigger details of people involved in big, hairy stuff . . . right next to me.

So easy to “be busy” and focused on myself.

A friendly smile or a wave or a simple nod of the head would acknowledge that these men exist. That they matter. That I see them.

Maybe it’s time for me to slow down and check out what’s going on around me. Especially in my own home. Finding some undivided time for my husband. And daughters.

Giving them a smile. Or a wave. Or a simple nod of the head. So that they know they matter . . . a lot. That I see them.

And that I love them.

View more of the amazing pictures and read the stories from the people who participated (on time, no less!) in this month’s Photo Play.


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