We Three Kings on the tail end of Epiphany (or 3 Kings Day), I’d love to share an excerpt from the Jesus Storybook Bible. If you don’t have this in your child’s library, I  highly recommend it. The art is beautiful, and the writing is finely crafted and woven together as the Bible truly is. This version reinforces the idea that every story points back to The Story.


The King of all kings, The story of the three Wise Men from Matthew 2
[we pick up in the middle of the story, when the wise men have left Herod and head toward Bethlehem]

Suddenly the star they had seen in the East started moving again, showing them the way. So the three Wise Men followed the star out of the big city, along the road, into the little town of Bethlehem. They followed the star through the streets of Bethlehem, out of the nice part of town, through the not-so-nice part of town, into the really-not-nice-at-all part of town, down a little dirt track, until it stopped right over . . . a little house.

But wait. It wasn’t a palace. And there weren’t any guards. Or servants. Or flats. Or red carpets. Or trumpets. Or anything. Did they get it wrong? Or was this what God meant?

Sure enough, in that little house — there, sitting on his mother’s knee — they found him. The baby King.

The three men knelt before their little King. They took off their rich royal turbans and gleaming, golden crowns. They bowed their noble heads to the ground and gave him their sparkling treausres.

The journey that had begun so many centuries before had led three Wise Men here. To a little town. To a little house. To a little child.

To the King God had promised David all those years before.

But this child was a new kind of king. Though he was the Prince of Heaven, he had become poor. Though he was the Mighty God, he had become a helpless baby. This King hadn’t come to be the boss. He had come to be a servant.


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