Finding Wonder

When I photograph a newborn (including my own), I make sure to capture every little detail – eyes, ears, fingers, toes . . . because we as parents want to preserve the marvel that is those tiny features.

The intricacy of their ears, taking in new sounds, learning things as basic as their own names . . .

The use and discovery of their fingers as they grasp and point and wiggle . . .

Tiny little noses that are just miniature versions of big, grown up ones . . .

The wonderment in their eyes as they take in a fresh, new world . . .

And then as we grow up, those features lose their marvel. Feet that were once precious are ugly and calloused. Likewise, inquisitive eyes are lackluster or even cold. Noses become too big or too small. Ears go unnoticed. Hands are boring. Everything turns . . . ordinary.

No longer do we marvel at what the Creator has fashioned. Features are commonplace and taken for granted . . . or worse yet, despised.

Somehow we must find a way to view the ordinary as extraordinary again. To see the beauty in what has been created, lovingly formed. Take a minute this week to look around you and observe. Marvel. Wonder. Find gratitude.

Fingerprints of the Creator abound.

This post is inspired by several posts I’ve recently read. Kelly’s photo prompt over at High Calling Focus, Ann’s response to the latest High Calling Book Club, and Mick’s post about becoming childlike again.

And lastly, I asked my eldest daughter if I could take a picture of her nose for my post, and she politely declined because her nose does not like to be photographed. I was informed, however, that her knees love to get their picture taken, and I may photograph them if I wanted. And so, appropriately, I might add, I end on the knees . . .

Father, fill us with wonder, like children, at the world around us. Help us to find you in the ordinary, every-dayness of life.



  1. Your oldest says the funniest things! I love hearing (reading) her latest antics. I think having ones like her around improve our success rate with wonder. It’s hard not to marvel at God when we have such amazing examples sitting right next to us, holding our hands, asking us to “lookit” for the thousandth time.

  2. These photos are astonishing. I love them and want to capture eyes like those!

    And knees, too! πŸ™‚

    The onion experiment did leave me wondering what I’m missing without stopping to look more closely, photograph. The HCF folks who can see beauty in the light falling across a rumpled sweater…wow, I’d like to not only notice it, but capture it.

  3. spaghettipie

    L – You are so kind. Thank you.
    D – Perhaps so. I hope I can experience it much more often than I do now.
    T – I am so glad to reconnect with you! I’ve always thought our girls would have fun together. And isn’t it true how if we pause for just a moment, we would catch more glimpses that leave us in awe.
    A – I can’t wait for you to grab a camera and capture some then! I loved the way you illustrated the onion story.

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