DSC_1885My friend Rhonda is an amazing wedding photographer. Her images are beautiful. But what makes her so successful as a photographer is her relationship with her clients.

You see, she works hard to build a relationship – maybe even friendship – with her brides and their families, creating a very positive experience of working with her. That relationship then shapes the way they view the pictures and they way they talk about her with their friends. They open their online proofing gallery expecting to love their images because they already love Rhonda.

Take the flip side of that. Not too long ago I participated in a wedding that was photographed by a talented (and expensive!) photographer. I viewed his portfolio beforehand and was excited to see how he would capture this wedding. However, in person I found him to be arrogant, distant, and distracted. And guess what? When I viewed the images later, I didn’t like them. I was full of critique and disappointment.

A discount grocery store opened up near by, and I questioned the quality of the products because the prices were so low. Another “farmers market”-type grocery store recently opened advertising similarly low-priced items, and I was super excited to get some amazing deals.

I have several friends who have shared their testimonies with me, and I have been heartbroken over their difficult pasts and poor choices and thankful for God’s grace and redemption. I have other friends from high school and college, who now talk about their relationships with God (on Facebook, etc) and I question whether or not they have a “real” relationship with Him.

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot lately: the perspective I bring into a situation matters. It defines how I interpret the world around me. Two different perspectives on the exact same data can still result in two different outcomes. It’s why eyewitnesses to the same scene report different stories.

The only sure way to have the right perspective is to be grounded in God’s word. When I’m constantly seeking His perspective, then I can see a situation much more clearly. But sometimes this is so hard! I get caught up in my crazy life and my crazy plans, and I lose His perspective so quickly.

So I’m curious – how do you keep His perspective on life?



  1. Hi, Tina,
    Oh, yes, this was for me :). Life is crazy, isn’t it? If I don’t deliberately slow…I lost the best view. I had some down time at work today, so I tried to do Centering Prayer. I fell asleep!

    I like L.L.’s answer. Sleep. Laughs. Walks. And long slow mornings with Him.

  2. So nice to hear from you!!! I loved this post… yes, perspective… one of the things that keeps me grounded the most is spending time with my girlfriends–amazing women who are on fire with faith. :))

  3. spaghettipie

    J – Isn’t amazing how the experience can effect your evaluation of a product?
    LL – Ohhh, laughing definitely helps my perspective. (sleep probably more than I realize, too!)
    L – Slowing down, yes! I could use that reminder every day. Maybe I should put it on a sign in my house.
    G – I need girlfriend time too! I’m an extrovert, so sometimes just talking life out loud gives me perspective. Great reminder.

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